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Silver Maintenance

Silver Maintenance


    1. Wear it often. The oil secreted by the human body will make the silver give out a warm and natural luster.
    2. When wearing silver jewelry, do not wear other precious metal jewelry at the same time, so as to avoid damage caused by collision and friction between silver jewelry and other metals.
    3. When bathing, washing hands and washing clothes, remove the silver jewelry to prevent the jewelry from encountering alkali products.
    4. When wearing silver jewelry, avoid contact with water vapor and chemicals. It is best not to contact hot springs, seawater, etc.
    5. Avoid wearing silver jewelry during strenuous exercise. Jewelry are easy to deform, break or lose during the time.



      1. when silver is placed, avoid putting it with skin care products or perfume, otherwise the gloss will be weakened.
      2. After wearing, gently wipe the surface with cotton cloth or tissue paper and store it in velvet bag and jewelry box to reduce the contact between silver jewelry and air and then keep it in a dry space.



      1. When cleaning, add soda powder into clean water and then wipe gently.
      2. Wipe with silver cloth and silver paste or rub it with a soft cloth stained with toothpaste, alcohol and white vinegar, and then rinse it with clean water.
      3. Soak in the silver washing water first, then clean it with water and wipe it. The soaking time should not exceed five seconds, otherwise the silver jewelry will be corroded.