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Elaine's Selection—— is coming! Welcome the Spring Festival~

By :YeDuan 0 comments
Elaine's Selection—— <The year of the tiger> is coming! Welcome the Spring Festival~
Elaine's Selection <The year of the tiger> collection went online. On the occasion of the year of the tiger, the jewelry with tiger elements created a full sense of New Year atmosphere, implying good expectations for the year of the tiger. Happy lunar new year~
Cute Star Tiger Red Agate Bracelet
Sterling Silver Zodiac Tiger Red Agate Necklace
Cartoon Tiger Pendant Diamonds Necklace
Cartoon Cute Diamond-Encrusted Tiger Bracelet
Beating Heart Hollow Out Full Diamond Necklace
Baby Tiger Zodiac Earrings
Baby Tiger Zodiac Earrings
Wishing you the best of luck in the new year!!
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