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Elaine's Selection—— 2022 Elaine's Selection Valentine's Day Collection

By :YeDuan 0 comments
Elaine's Selection—— 2022 Elaine's Selection Valentine's Day Collection <Endless Love>
2022 Elaine's Selection valentine's day collection <Endless Love> is coming! Valentine Special Offer ends on FEB 28. Tell your unwavering love through the jewelry~


1.Collection*Endless Love
Hand-Made Red Zircon Vintage Necklace
2.Collection*Endless Love Heart
Lock Necklace 925 Sterling Silver Heart Key Pendant
3.Collection*Endless Love
Square Ruby Beaded Double Chain With Bow Necklace


1.Collection*Endless Love
Hand-Made Heart Asymmetrical Pearl Bracelet
2.Collection*Endless Love
Ruby Heart Women's Double Layer Bracelet
3.Collection*Endless Love
S925 Sterling Silver Red Movable Zircon Bracelet


1.Collection*Endless Love
Ruby Metal Binding Sugar Cube Earrings
2.Collection*Endless Love
S925 Sterling Silver Sweet Cherry Earrings
3.Collection*Endless Love
Special-Shaped Red Jewel Water Drop Earrings


1.Collection*Endless Love S925
Sterling Silver Heart Arrow Love Ring
2.Collection*Endless Love
Natural garnet S925 inlaid cat claw ring

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